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I am sorry to tell you that, but the registration for the  Real English Academy is currently closed.


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João da Silva
The Real English Academy is an online self-study program that aligns emotional intelligence and language skills to help students learn how to talk to ANYONE ANYWHERE ANYTIME in English in 6 months. It's an online self-study program for low-intermediate speakers who don't feel confident about their English and even though they can understand teachers like me, they cannot speak or understand English well. 

The Real English Academy is a 6-month self-study program divided in 24 modules. Each module is designed to help you work on all the English skills while stimulating your brain to create new positive emotions and habits connected with the English Practice.

Hundreds of students have already unlocked their mind and achieved English fluency through the Academy and all the lessons and strategies it has to offer.

If you have studied English for a very long time and can't speak English, or if you understand a little when it is time to speak you get stuck, or if you study vocabulary and you never remember the words, The Real English Academy will help you unlock all tha knowledge that is inside your brain so that you can finally become a fluent speaker who can understand and talk to anyone anywhere anytime in English


Chech out the several advantages of the learning method that the Real English Academy has to offer.
Eliminate your old and bad learning beliefs about English. With the interactive method from the academy, you will realize that your biggest enemy to achieve English fluency is your mentality and what you think about your ability to learn. With the right method, you will change that.
increase your focus and productivity. Studying the right content the right way will help you increase your productivity and maximize the quality of the time you have to study.
Eliminate  bad language habits that you have gained over the past years. Learn how to fix persistent mistakes by studying contextualized materials that will help you correct your mistakes actively and passively.
Access to contemporary contents that will help you in real life conversations
You will work on all aspects of the language (every week a new lesson will challenge your English) You will combine the two brain codes to achieve English Fluency
It speeds up your learning process and helps you understand and assimiliate information in a fast and practical way as all the skills are combined so that you learn English more efficiently.
You STOP wasting time. You no longer need to look for lessons and methods online or go to schools far from your place to be able to study English. All the lessons will be available to you anywhere anytime.
It improves your vocabulary and comprehension. Understand and learn vocabulary that native speakers use. Listen to native speakers and improve your comprehension
More than 100 recorded lessons. Learn and review grammar lessons in context that will allow you to communicate more clearly. No grammar exercises. In the Academy, the focus is to help you connect English with your life.